Daphna Peterson

Daphna received her master’s degree in social work from Portland State University and is a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Oregon. Prior to her joining Portland DBT Institute (PDBTI) she spent several years providing intensive, community-based counseling for families in crisis, counseling at-risk youth and teaching at a therapeutic preschool, both at home and abroad. Since joining PDBTI in 2012, Daphna has attempted to satiate her unyielding desire to learn DBT by attending several trainings with DBT experts including Marsha Linehan, PhD, Jennifer Sayers, PhD, Linda Dimeff, PhD, Kelly Koerner, PhD, Charles Swenson, PhD, MD, Alan Fruzzetti, PhD. Trainings include but not limited to: 10-day DBT Intensive Training, DBT Advanced Intensive Training, DBT with Family and Couples, and Mindfulness with Marsha Linehan, PhD. At PDBTI Daphna is currently on the Trauma Team where she is implementing Melanie Harned’s trauma treatment, Prolonged-Exposure after having spent more than three years on the Teen and Family Team. Daphna is also on the training team at PDBTI and leads DBT trainings ranging from local workshops to 1- and 2- day DBT trainings. She especially likes to provide DBT consultation to clinical groups in the community. In these varied positions she is able to focus on increasing her own adherence to DBT as well as spreading her passion of DBT to interested clients and clinicians alike who are wanting to increase their knowledge base, effectiveness and improve the quality of their lives.  Daphna is a DBT-Linehan Board of Certification Certified Clinician